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A Fusion of Durability
& Elegance

CeramicSteel, developed by Polyvision, is an exceptional surface that takes vitreous or porcelain enameled steel to the next level of excellence. This unique surface is meticulously crafted by fusing finely ground-colored glass onto a robust metal substrate. 

The glass-like, non-porous finish provides a visually striking aesthetic while maintaining unparalleled durability, surpassing conventional materials. 

CeramicSteel is the preferred global option for magnetic markerboards and chalkboards. Its easy-to-clean and scratch-resistant surface is popular in educational and professional environments. 

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The Art of CeramicSteel

Its versatility extends beyond conventional uses, making it a great choice for cladding, paneling, toilet partitions, and infrastructure projects.

The need for materials that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal is constant in the architectural domain. CeramicSteel meets this need head-on, providing a solution that stands the test of time while enhancing the visual appeal of any space. Its robustness makes it perfect for high-traffic areas, offering surfaces that resist wear and tear without compromising style.

Besides its physical attributes, CeramicSteel contributes to the sustainability and wellness of buildings. Its non-porous surface provides an environmentally friendly option that is easy to clean and maintain, promoting healthier environments for all occupants.

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Why e³ CeramicSteel?

For almost 70 years, e³ CeramicSteel has been and still is the standard for writing surfaces in classrooms and other collaboration spaces. 


Resistant to scratches and stains, e³ CeramicSteel continues to provide an unmatched and consistent experience year after year. Due to their exceptional durability, we offer a lifetime warranty on the surface of our products.


You can personalize the e³ CeramicSteel by incorporating colors, artwork, educational graphics, logos, and other creative options.


Unlike other whiteboard surfaces or glass products, e³ CeramicSteel is easy to read, write, and erase without leaving stains or marker residue. Its smooth surface contrasts with markers, optimizing visibility from anywhere in the room.

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An ongoing process 

Our detailed production process employs a continuous coil-coating method. A thin layer of cold-rolled carbon steel is carefully coated with porcelain enamel.

This fusion, achieved at high temperatures, creates a resilient and enduring bond. The chosen metal substrate, renowned for its stability and ability to withstand intense heat, further reinforces CeramicSteel's structural integrity.

Choose CeramicSteel for a fusion of art and engineering, a testament to Polyvision’s commitment to quality, durability, and beauty in every coil, sheet, or panel.

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Quelles sont les différences entre les finitions des surfaces d'écriture ?

High gloss markerboard surfaces, Type H (High Gloss) and Type U (Ultra Gloss), are ideal for collaborative spaces, meeting rooms, and classrooms where frequent writing and erasing occur. Low gloss surfaces, Type L (Low Gloss) and Type S (Satin), reduce light distortion and are perfect for brightly lit rooms and can also serve as projection surfaces. Type P is a dedicated projection surface optimized for projectors but requires wet-erase for cleaning. Chalkboard surfaces, Type C, offer a low gloss matte finish that easily erases chalk and minimizes dust residue.

Pourquoi choisir Ceramicsteel ?

Polyvision's CeramicSteel stands out for its exceptional durability and performance. Unlike other writing surfaces, it boasts a glass-like finish that meets international standards by ISO, EN, EEA, CEN, and PEI. Not only is it 99% recyclable and clean air certified, but it also comes with a Forever Warranty. Our e³ CeramicSteel is specifically designed for superior writing and erasing capabilities with minimal performance deterioration over time.

What are the key features of CeramicSteel?

CeramicSteel by Polyvision combines durability with aesthetic appeal, offering a magnetic, glass-like surface that enhances collaborative spaces. It's remarkably scratch-resistant and easy to clean, maintaining its appearance even in harsh environments. The vibrant colors and graphics on CeramicSteel don't fade, ensuring long-lasting quality backed by a Forever Warranty. Surface design technology allows for customization, and its availability in various gloss levels makes it adaptable for different applications.

Puis-je utiliser la CeramicSteel pour les applications sur mesure ?

Yes, our product is versatile enough for use as writing surfaces, in a wide range of interior panel applications, and as exterior cladding. For specific projects or applications, contact your regional sales manager.

Quelle surface puis-je utiliser pour la projection ?

While any surface can technically be used for projection, Type P e³ CeramicSteel is a matte, dedicated projection surface designed to minimize glare and color distortion, although it requires wet-erase for cleaning.

How do I know whether my board has an e³ CeramicSteel surface?

To verify, check if the surface is magnetic and try to scratch it in a hidden area with a coin or key. If it resists scratching, it's likely CeramicSteel.

Quelle est la garantie incluse ?

Polyvision provides a comprehensive warranty, ensuring the CeramicSteel writing surface will maintain its writing and erasing qualities, gloss variance, and color consistency for the life of the building or as long as the product is in use, whichever is first. For full details, visit our Documents page.

Que représente le sigle MBDC ?

McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) is based on the Cradle to Cradle design framework, guiding companies from merely minimizing harm to creating a positive environmental impact. MBDC assists companies in integrating this framework into their strategy, operations, and product designs.

What is LEED?
Why does it matter?

LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a green building certification recognizing sustainable building practices. Buildings achieve LEED certification by meeting specific prerequisites and earning points. Polyvision e³ CeramicSteel is LEED certified, highlighting its contribution to sustainable construction.

What is Indoor Advantage™ Gold

Polyvision e³ CeramicSteel has earned Indoor Advantage Gold certification from SCS Global Services, which confirms that our materials support a healthy indoor environment by adhering to strict IAQ chemical emission limits for VOCs. This certification requires independent lab testing to ensure compliance with the CDPH/EHLB Standard Method V1-1 for VOC emissions.